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Components of a Built Up Roof System

Making your roof bullet-proof with a 5-year warranty

Developed rooftop frameworks can be built in various ways. Frequently, the developed rooftop framework begins with a base sheet introduced over the protection or cover board, normally using mechanical clasp. The base sheet fills in as the base layer of waterproofing security for the rooftop framework and gives a surface that will permit resulting sheets to be stuck with hot black-top.

A layer of black-top is applied over the base sheet for the establishment of building up felt, some of the time called a utilize sheet. Many individuals picture pots of hot black-top being cleaned onto the base sheet to introduce the handle sheet, yet progresses in assembling have made elective choices. For example, project workers can decide to utilize cold-applied glue arrangements rather than hot wiping black-top and pots.

At the point when soaked in black-top or cold-applied glue, the supporting felt makes an obstruction that gives extra protection from water interruption. The interaction is rehashed with the utilization of black-top or cold-applied cement, trailed by the establishment of extra handles until the ideal number of employs is accomplished. The framework is then either covered with a mineral-surfaced cap sheet or finished off by covering the top layer with black-top and spreading rock or slag.

At American Roofing and Consutrction Inc., our team of roofers in Mississippi can come to your home to conduct a complete inspection. Once the inspection is completed, we can then tell you if the roof needs to be replaced or if a few minor repairs will hold up. That said, if we recommend a complete roof replacement, it shouldn’t, in most cases, be delayed because the longer you put it off, the more damage it could end up doing to your home.

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Benefits of Built Up Roofing

Built up roofing owes its popularity to a number of benefits it provides, including:

Time-tested technology

 It’s hard to argue with more than 100 years of history.


Built up roofs provide many layers of protection, so if the top layer is damaged, the additional layers below will continue to protect the building from water intrusion


 BUR systems may be eligible for guarantees or warranties of up to 20 years, depending on the materials used and the system installed. Check with the manufacturer for guarantee/warraaty requirements and coverage.

Reflective cap sheets available

White-coated cap sheets are available to help reflect the sun’s rays away from the building, which can help lower internal temperatures.

Roof Built up with a Guarantee

There are numerous choices with regards to picking an asphaltic material framework, each with various advantages. While picking your framework, the best spot to begin is by deciding the attributes you need in the rooftop. You can survey this leaflet to see an examination of the various items, find out about their elements, and peruse accessible certifications. Obviously, you can continuously converse with to assist you with tracking down the best arrangement.

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